Having travelled extensively and worked in the leisure industry for many years, I have developed a passion for exploring new landscapes and cities. My ongoing travel blog assignments from Viridian, individual travel consultants and small travel businesses are a perfect match for my enthusiasm for adventure. . .


Travel tips and observations  for holidaymakers
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“Sam is a talented and versatile writer who understands the principles of internet marketing and search engine optimisation. Her writing style is engaging and informative; the articles she writes for us are often based on her own extensive travel experiences which gives them an interesting and relatable perspective, and she is equally adept at forming her own topics or creating content based on a predefined plan. Sam is easy to work with and completely comfortable with working autonomously, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to others.” DAN MORLEY

Journal Entries

TRAVEL BLOG 24/03/2020 In this time of enforced isolation, and what feels like incarceration, it is the perfect opportunity to plan a dream holiday. If you have been forced to decamp your office to your home, setting yourself a goal for when the restrictions end will give you the reward you deserve for all your […]

TRAVEL BLOG  07/03/2020 If your plans for a holiday have fallen foul of the recent travel warnings or flight disruptions, you could re-imagine your holiday to fit your circumstances. It is a perfect time to put into action all those projects or adventures you have been putting off. Write a book, compose a song, climb […]

TRAVEL BLOG 24/02/2020 It is over fifty years since the concept of withdrawing cash from a hole in the wall, at any time of day, with a piece of plastic revolutionised our lives. Changes in Banking technology are now happening fast and often. With contactless card use on the rise, and mobile phone payments beginning […]

TRAVEL BLOG  10/02/2020 Insurance is a necessary added expense designed to safeguard travellers, but in these worrying times how can you be sure your holiday policy will cover all eventualities this half-term. Or should you just stay at home? In the next few weeks, over 140,000 people will be travelling through the major UK airports […]

TRAVEL BLOG  20/01/2020 It’s the gesture that counts not the budget. Isn’t it? Taking time out to plan a romantic holiday for your partner is a fabulous gift and if you can do it on a shoestring, well that’s a bonus guaranteed to make your effort worthwhile. The top ten list of romantic destinations is […]

TRAVELBLOG 06/01/2020 The January flight sales are on, and now is the perfect time to create the ultimate holiday combo of cheap flights and great exchange rates. The recent election strengthed the pound against most currencies last month. And although the peak rates have now softened, the sterling exchange rate is still better than it […]

TRAVEL BLOG 14/12/2019 The general election may have brought doom and gloom for many, but for shoppers, the improvement in the exchange rate is a huge Christmas bonus. It’s not just the Euro either. The pound is holding firm against the US, Australian and New Zealand Dollars, which is perfect timing for sourcing unusual international […]

TRAVEL BLOG 30/11/2019 Christmas can be the perfect time to escape if you are single. With the largest demographic of singles under the age of forty and in employment, holiday providers have done the math and realised that being single is a growing travel market. Hot, cold, restorative or active, the travel companies are happy […]

TRAVEL BLOG 19/11/2019 At this time of year, a whole host of dedicated skiers eagerly watch the snowfall stats in anticipation of an early ski trip in Europe. Websites like onthesnow, J2ski and wepowder make it super easy now to track the recent snow levels and escape for a quick pre-Christmas fix. So where are […]

TRAVEL BLOG 04/11/2019 Brexit threatened to ruin many peoples plans of picking up a few bargains at the European Christmas markets this year. But thankfully, the last-minute change to the timetable has been favourable to travellers and the exchange rate. The value of the pound is holding steady with the UK’s biggest currency suppliers, and […]

TRAVEL BLOG 04/11/2019 The moral question of a charity holiday recently reared its ugly head when I joined my cousin to celebrate her completion of the Camino trail. The 800km she walked was tough and her challenge was a very personal affair. However, as she arrived in Santiago de Compostela, it was evident that walking […]

TRAVEL BLOG 07/10/2019 Consistent weather, exhilarating dusty tracks, long snaking roads and luxurious greens, if you like a sporting holiday, the Algarve has it all. The exclusive resorts which line the golden sands of this famous southern stretch of Portugal cater for every imaginable sporting obsession. But it’s not all gloves, sweat and tears. Step […]

TRAVEL BLOG 23/09/2019 It’s not much fun waiting around at an airport because of an early or late flight. And It can be a real dampener to your holiday fun. However, there could be a sandy solution closer to hand than you think. So if you need to refresh yourself after an early start, cooldown […]

TRAVEL BLOG 02/09/2019 With all the recent flight disruption caused by airline cuts, strikes, and protests, it’s worth checking out the airport amenities in case of a flight delay. For a short interval, shopping, eating, drinking, browsing or reading will fill the time gap. However, for a lengthy flight delay, there are a few surprising […]

TRAVEL BLOG 19/08/2019 August has been a washout, the school holidays are nearly over and the bank holiday is looming. If you aren’t looking forward to winter and still have cash in the bank, the coming bank holiday weekend is the perfect time to grab a last-minute trip to Europe. But with so many options […]

TRAVEL BLOG 05/08/2019 Renowned for its sporting events held in honour of the gods, Greece is still a popular place to flex your sporting muscles. A large peninsula which is washed by three seas, many of the holiday sporting activities on offer are water-based. Greece has many destinations to choose from, but some of the […]

TRAVEL BLOG 24/07/2019 There are up to six thousand islands in Greece. Not all of them are inhabited, but most of them offer exactly what you need for a very enjoyable holiday in the sun. Popular islands Scattered throughout the Aegean and the eastern side of the Ionian Sea, the Greek islands are identified in […]

TRAVEL BLOG 10/07/2019 Airports are getting busier and busier, and the queues keep getting longer. Navigating the congestion quickly and efficiently is still possible if you are a savvy traveller. If you’re not these few essential airport travel tips may help… Do your research Airports are getting bigger and more challenging to negotiate, and not […]

TRAVEL BLOG 25/06/2019 With over three-quarters of the earth’s surface covered by water, it’s not surprising that cruise holidays are such a big part of the travel industry. Traditionally adored by an elderly clientele, cruises have evolved to offer something for everyone. Last year, over two million UK holidaymakers climbed abroad a variety of ships […]

TRAVEL BLOG 15/06/2019 Restorative travel is ideal for anyone who leads a sedentary office-bound lifestyle and wants to get energised on holiday without getting exhausted. So what is the perfect holiday? Building memories, relaxing and exploring new locations are an essential, part of a vacation. A restorative holiday can enhance all these fundamental elements by […]