Owls Head is my first novel.
Currently, in the last stages of editing, it is also being adapted for the screen (TV & Film)  . . .

At the reading of his wife’s will, William receives a secret journal and an unexpected legacy with a request to travel to France and Canada. But William has never ventured outside of England, so the question on his family’s lips is, will he fulfil her wishes?

The bigger question on his daughter’s lips is, why did her mother inherit a lakeside cabin in Canada?

Owls Head delicately slips between two eras and three countries drip feeding Jean’s engaging life story in the late 1960s alongside William’s present-day journey to redefine his life after his wife’s death.

Jessica’s journey to escape her dull life gently weaves between those of her parents as she accompanies her reluctant father on his travles. As she investigates her mother’s fascinating past more closely she uncovers a family in crisis and a deadly backstory which questions her own life goals. Pushed to her ethical limit, she finally faces a life-changing decision which could tear apart two families and begin a police investigation.