As an Art graduate of the 1990’s, the smell of turps and linseed is still in my veins. So returning to Cornwall from the wilderness of France has reinvigorated my love of contemporary art and I feel privileged to help spread the word of some exciting local clients and organisations. . .


Creative courses in beautiful places
A Cornish based business who specialise in facilitating the organisation of residential art courses and workshops for artists and art tutors.

When not documenting their fantastic residential art courses, the social media & blog content I generate focusses on local and national art events, exhibitions and programmes in order to enhance Sketch Trip’s presence on the web and social media.

Sam’s insightful and entertaining blogs are just what we needed to increase the footfall to our web pages and social media platforms.


Groundwork is a project organised by CAST, bringing internationally celebrated art and artists to Cornwall. A programme of new commissions and sited work opens in May.

Journal Entries

ART BLOG 28/11/2018 Some of the lectures I attend at Falmouth School of Art can sometimes be a  bit of a trial. This last one of the term, given by Krijn de Koning’s was definitely was not in that category. Engaging and fluent Koning gave us a full and informative insight into his fantastical world of […]

ART BLOG 14/11/2018 This was Hew Locke’s third lecture at Falmouth School of Art. It was also his last as his post as Visiting Professor comes to an end. This was the second I had sat through in a year and was definitely the better. Or maybe I just knew more about his work this time […]

ART BLOG 17/08/2018 Volunteering for the Groundwork Art programme As the summer draws towards a close so does the astounding Groundworks Art programme and the end of my time as a volunteer. It’s a sad moment for me as I have revelled in the opportunity to engage with this outstanding art programme of installation art. The […]

ART BLOG 27/07/2018 Like many of the visitors to this amazing sound installation, my first visit was so emotive that I had to share it with others. Located in an acoustically perfect crumbling old chapel in Penzance, the Groundworks Janet Cardiff installation Forty Part Motet proved as expected, to be equally as mind-blowing for my nearest […]

ART BLOG 20/07/2018 Laureana Toledo’s,  Order and Progress (2013-2018), is a sensitive film which highlights the destruction of an environment and cultural change brought about oil profiteering. Its linear structure discloses the hell which has erupted from the industry that has overshadowed the once beautiful environment of the Oaxaca valley, Mexico, where Laureana spent much of […]

ART BLOG – GROUNDWORK  SUNDAY 17/06/2018 Like most visitors to Porthleven, Cornwall, I presumed the dominant granite building that was iconically photographed in the first of the 2014 storms, was a church. It certainly survived the pounding destruction of the biblically proportioned waves as they engulfed its mighty clock tower again and again as if it […]

ART BLOG – GROUNDWORK  SUNDAY 10/06/2018 The beginning of June saw the end of the Steve McQueen screening by the Groundwork programme at CAST. Thankfully it also marked the opening of an equally emotive film by Belgium born former architect Francis Alÿs. Another triumph in sound, The Silence of Ani, was commissioned for the Istanbul Biennial […]

ART BLOG – THURSDAY 31/05/2018 Whilst scouting for young talent in the southwest, Sacha Craddock, independent art critic, writer and curator, took time out to talk to a select few at Newlyn School of Art. Her focus was to share her experience of curating the 2017 Turner Prize Exhibition, at the Ferens Art Gallery in […]

ART BLOG – GROUNDWORK SUNDAY 27/05/2018 Another great event organised as part of this year’s Groundwork programme of art, the field trip to St Buryan held us entranced by the landscape and our guides for almost six hours. We started our walk in the mizzle at the church that is both commonly associated with the area […]

ART BLOG – GROUNDWORK SATURDAY 26/05/2018 One of the highlights of being part of the Groundworks Team is having a schedule of events at my fingertips. So whilst consulting the literature for some visitors I noticed that an evening of conversation was planned with the renowned artist Peter Doig and immediately booked myself a seat. […]

ARTBLOG – GROUNDWORK FRIDAY 18/05/2018 Gravesend (2007), a mesmerising film by Steve McQueen, was the second exhibition I recently had the opportunity to be involved with as part of the Groundwork summer programme. Screened in a specially adapted room within the nearly renovated CAST building in Helston, this film by the acclaimed Steve McQueen is an all-immersive […]

ART BLOG – GROUNDWORK FRIDAY 11/05/2018 This week marked the opening of Christina Mackie’s intriguing contemporary sculptural installation to the visitors of Godolphin House, Helston. Housed in the magnificent Kings room, the installation has the luxury of commanding the complete space, which has been specially adapted for the exhibition. Part of the Groundwork Art programme for the […]

ART BLOG – FRIDAY 20/04/2018 The John Dyer retrospective exhibition at Falmouth Art Gallery was the second of the day for me, as I found myself rushing from one side of the county to the other. The exhibition lovingly curated and exhibited, complete with new coat of flamingo pink on the walls, was a celebration of […]

ART BLOG – FRIDAY 20/04/2018 Part of a mini-festival exploring ideas and how they are developed on how, this small exhibition of Bill Mitchell’s Boxes and Collage Books was truly inspiring. To introduce his work, Sue Hill, artist, theatre-maker, cultural animateur and also Bill Mitchell’s partner in life and work, gave a beautifully moving talk. Amongst a group […]

ART BLOG  – 16/02/2018 Once again I was lucky enough to be invited to Porthmeor Studios for another of the ‘Lunch Break Talk’ series. Alessio Antoniolli was to be our speaker for this session, which was hosted by the Artists Residency Programme in partnership with Cultivator Cornwall. This was my second visit to St Ives since the new year.  It was also my second chance […]

ART BLOG  – 14/02/2018 It’s not often you get the chance to sit in on a Q&A hosted by ex Falmouth School of Art student, Laura Smith. Or get the opportunity to listen to cubist inspired filmmaking Manon de Boer talk about her work. But on this valentines eve, our evening was made more unique by […]

ART BLOG  – 05/02/2018 So far the weekly evening lectures at Falmouth School of Art have focussed on some interesting artists whose work is new to me. Lisa Milroy was the latest candidate to take the stage and fill in the gaps in my comprehension of modern art. A practitioner of still life in the 1980s, […]