As an Art graduate of the 1990s, the smell of turps and linseed is still in my veins. So returning to Cornwall from the wilderness of France has reinvigorated my love of contemporary art and I feel privileged to help spread the word of some exciting events and organisations. . .


Regular blogger for Terrace Gallery Cornwall

A new venture in the heart of Penryn, Cornwall. Writing and maintaining the social media presence for this creative mix of a gallery, event space and artist studios is a real pleasure.


A heritage initiative, whose key goals are to promote the arts in the southwest
Creative Culture Southwest (CCSW) is multi-disciplined art, culture and heritage-led not-for-profit initiative. It seeks to get everyone involved in the arts, through art led events it aims to showcase local talent, theatre and workshops; helping to build strong connections between art practitioners and their audiences whilst enhancing what is on offer in the Southwest.


A small film festival with a big vision
After cutting my teeth as a volunteer in 2017, I was given the amazing opportunity to report on a fantastic annual local event, The Cornwall Film Festival, in November 2018. Awarded the enviable all-access pass to the workshops and films, the material I produced was used on the social media platforms and as guest blogs during the festival. A couple of samples are included in the Journal entries below…


A programme of exhibitions and events from May to September 2018 
Groundwork is a project organised by CAST, bringing internationally celebrated art and artists to Cornwall. A programme of new commissions and sited work opens in May. A few samples are included in the Journal entries below…

BLOGGING and social media management for SKETCH TRIPS

Creative courses in beautiful places
A Cornish based business who specialises in facilitating the organisation of residential art courses and workshops for artists and art tutors.

Sam’s insightful and entertaining blogs are just what we needed to increase the footfall to our web pages and social media platforms.

Journal Entries

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 06/12/2020 “We make a  living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill … Just as the lockdown ends, we are at last allowed to embrace the season of giving. Thankfully most of us have turned our back on the big commercial giants this year in favour of […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 22/11/2020   This Christmas we are bringing some colour and joy to the gallery with a delicious selection of vibrant work from the renowned abstract artist Ashley Hanson and fiesta-themed crockery supplied by our stockists snowbunting.  Ashley’s work is vivid and exciting. His abstract paintings use colour to create contrast, tension and arouse emotion. Inspired […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 08/11/2020   Every artist should have a dog to walk the landscape whilst seeking inspiration. Surprisingly despite having four artists in the building until now, none have a furry companion to bring into the studios. So let me introduce Sandy, our new studio and gallery dog. A medium-sized, sweet-natured Romanian rescue dog […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 13/09/2020 I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.  Georgia O’Keeffe Georgia O’Keeffe is one of the most significant artists of the 20th century. She is renowned for her contribution to modern art and was no stranger to […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 30/08/2020 It’s been a busy weekend so far, and we are looking forward to many more visitors in the coming week for the Open Studios Cornwall event. Most of our guests have been surprised that anything exists beyond the gallery. The labyrinth of rooms which make up the event space and studios spans […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 23/08/2020 An eye-catching collection of work is cluttering the hallways of the gallery at the moment waiting to be hung, as our resident artists get ready for Open Studios Cornwall on the 29th August. One particular exclusive collection by Dave Pentin will be on show in the first-floor event space. A stunning series of seven images, Dave […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 16/08/2020 Unfortunately, the COVID 19 pandemic wiped out any possibility of the Open Studios Cornwall event going ahead in May. And we feared, like so many other artists that all our careful planning would be for nothing. Thankfully, after a period of consultation with the hundreds of artists, designers and makers who were due to participate, […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 09/08/2020 In art history, minimalism is a new movement of the post-war period that has its roots firmly bedded in cubism, abstract, non-figurative and non-representational art. It has many levels, from a recognisable sense of a form to a mere glimpse of its essence. In painting, the move from visual recognition towards […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 26/07/2020 It’s so lovely being part of a small community. And we are super lucky to be not only a part of a physical community in Penryn but also a few virtual online communities. The support we have received, particularly from fellow artists has been outstanding and little by little the word […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 12/07/2020 One of the many things we love about art is the variety of techniques and materials available to metamorphosize inspiration into creation. And it always fascinates us how people find a technique or medium which suits them. The work in our latest exhibition has its roots in an ancient process but […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 28/06/2020 It’s always great to achieve a positive result after eight months of hard work, especially when it means you can offer more to the community around you. In June, we received the fantastic news that at last, we had received a much-needed capital injection from the European Regional Development Fund as […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 14/06/2020 Encouraged by the prime minister’s statement that non-essential shops could reopen on June 15th we were a little bit naughty and decided to stick to our pre-lockdown schedule and open a little bit earlier. It turns out that there are advantages to being a small gallery and controlling the flow of people […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 31/05/2020 Now on the cusp of reopening as the lockdown restrictions start to be lifted, we have been looking back to see how we want to move forward. Amongst all the loss and sadness, there have been some silver linings. Like a forest caught in a fire, we survive and start to grow […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 17/05/2020 Our move to Cornwall in 1986 and again in 2015 were both partially motivated by the need to be near the sea. It has provided a place of solace and inspiration in both periods of our lives. We are not alone in our adoration of water. Most Cornish artists have captured the sea as […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 03/05/2020 These are strange times we are living in, and for many artists, it’s very frustrating having to work in a different space. Luckily our studio residents have structured a timetable that suits all, and we have been able to enjoy the creative space effectively without any chance of cross-contamination.   Finding an area […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 19/04/2020 With our second exhibition and new sample artwork to display, came a change of stock to our window display. Luckily back in February when all the retail goodies arrived, we were already familiar with the pieces going into our first two exhibitions. Our first – an eclectic exhibition of our three resident artists – […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 12/04/2020 We first met Ella at an Open Studios event in Redruth. We had heard on the grapevine about this amazing art collective based at the old grammar school, known as Krowji. The Melting Pot cafe was also rumoured to offer yummy gluten-free cake too, which was high on the priority list for […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 05/04/2020 It’s strange how a business evolves. When we opened the gallery, we knew we needed an online presence, not only for a place of contact but also because art sales through a web portal can significantly boost any business. However, we never anticipated that our online offering would be our sole source of […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 29/03/2020 Exceptional circumstances often generate acts of generosity and community spirit. We are lucky that the art community is always very giving and supportive. Maybe its because most artists have at one time, or another felt the pain and heartache of barely making ends meet. I remember living off tuna rice salad in those […]

TERRACE GALLERY BLOG 22/03/2020 In these uncertain times, when stuck at home, make use of the great gift of time you have been given and create. We have an unprecedented opportunity to take a step back from your busy life to do something constructive. Our studio artists are doing just that. With no distractions from social get-togethers […]