My most recent editorial work has been on a very worthy project which helps communicate stories of Technical Innovation from Tanzania which help out many local communities . . .

Inspiration Innovators of Tanzania Articles

Editor for a  collection of articles to help communicate the importance of Tanzania’s entrepreneurs and innovations which promote sustainability in Tanzania.  My role as editor on this project was to enhance these ‘stories of innovation’, providing the structure and language necessary to make them compelling.

Anza is a full-service incubator for social enterprises in Tanzania. They are a dynamic organisation dedicated to creating jobs and helping communities in Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro region by empowering aspiring entrepreneurs with the vision, education, resources and network necessary to successfully start and scale social enterprises.

Sam is an absolute pleasure to work with. Editing articles which are written in English as a second language is not an easy task, however, Sam has been able to keep the essence of the message while ensuring that the text flows easily.