A former graduate of Falmouth School of Art & Reading University, I have been involved in the creative arts industries in both France and the UK. During my diverse career, I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of specialised businesses and publishers on a range of inspiring projects.

I run my own businesses and work primarily as a freelance writer on a range of work for a variety of clients in the UK, US and Europe, with regular contracts to write for the art, travel & lifestyle sectors.

In my downtime, I write both screenplays (TV, short and feature) and novels. A huge fan of ‘giving back’, I also volunteer my time & skills to the Cornwall Film Festival as a judge, script reader and event reporter as well as a script reader for the renowned Nick Darke Awards and Story & Screen Festival.

So what’s my style? As a content freelance writer, I have no style, as it is essential that I write to fit the brand. However, my personal writing style is a very different beast.

My age and Englishness tend to govern my choice of words and subject matter. And there’s also no hiding my gender which to date has influenced the creation of some strong female protagonists. Needless to say, my nomadic childhood and thirst for travel also feedback into the locations  I weave into the stories I write.

What’s my genre? I love a good drama with lots of twists and turns which tend to shape my work as I prefer to write the kind of film, TV Series or book I would like to watch or read.