TRAVEL BLOG 02/09/2019

With all the recent flight disruption caused by airline cuts, strikes, and protests, it’s worth checking out the airport amenities in case of a flight delay. For a short interval, shopping, eating, drinking, browsing or reading will fill the time gap. However, for a lengthy flight delay, there are a few surprising facilities which can help pass the time.

Go for a nature walk

Taking a stroll is always an excellent way of relieving boredom, but airports aren’t renowned for being attractive natural spaces to hike through. Or at least they haven’t been in the past. Singapore Changi Airport surpasses all expectations of an airport stroll. Terminal 1 boasts a cactus garden, while Terminal 2 hosts a sunflower and orchid garden. Equally tropical is the Polynesian, Chinese and Japanese gardens of Honolulu Airport. One hundred and fifty different plant species are the stars of the second-floor garden of Seoul’s, Incheon International Airport. And waterfalls complete the exotic feel of Dubai Airport green spaces. Indoor is suitable, but the great outdoors is better. The rooftop gardens of Schiphol and JFK International offer the welcome chance to dose up on Vitamin D and top up your tan while you wait for your delayed flight.

Entertain yourself

If you are stuck in the airport and don’t want to watch all the films you have downloaded on your laptop. Or watch Netflix on your phone. Then help is at hand in Seoul, Minneapolis and New Delhi. The latest blockbusters are ideal distractions and terminal 2 & 3 of Singapore’s Changi Airport, offers free 24hr access to most film genres. Airports often show special film screenings too. Portland International has a screening room near Gate C18 which often shows short films, documentaries and music videos by Minnesota filmmakers. Similarily Lithuanian auteurs have been showcased at Vilnius Airport.

The Entertainment Deck of Singapore’s Changi Airport offers a far more engaging visual challenge while waiting for a delayed or connecting flight. Xbox Kinect provides an opportunity to try your virtual hand at tennis, bowling, soccer, wake racing, target shooting and climbing. It also has a variety of retro arcade machines, PlayStations and computer games to play in the Terminal 2 Transit Hall if you don’t fancy being so sporty.

Energise or pamper yourself

If a walk in a garden or a mind-bending gaming session isn’t your thing. Then a beauty treatment or burst of exercise could present the ideal solution to fill those unexpected hours in the airport.

Be Relax Spa, and XpressSpa have a presence in many of the more prominent UK and US airports. And a flight delay at Southend Airport could tempt you to try Ruubys departure lounge beauty treatments for a last-minute mani-pedi or a half-hour manicure, massage, makeup or waxing session.

If you have your swimming costume at the ready, the Sheikh Rashid Terminal of the Dubai International Airport offers a chance to dive into crystal clear waters. And the G-Force Health Club offers you the opportunity to soak away the stress of airline travel in the sauna or hot tub. Alternatively, meditate away your flight delay in one of the Yoga Studios at Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago O’Hare and San Francisco. Or exercise away the extra hours on a bike, treadmill or at the bench in Dubai or Singapore International Airports.

With so much on offer, the big challenge is not missing your delayed flight!

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