TRAVEL BLOG 23/07/2018

Unfortunately, the days of eating out at dirt cheap prices in Greece, seem to have vanished. On a recent trip to some popular island resorts I was shocked to discover that on a direct comparison of restaurant prices, the margins between eating out in the UK and Greece are thinner than ever. However, don’t despair if you are heading to the turquoise shores of Greece this summer. If you aren’t too fussy about what you snack on there are plenty of options to keep you on a backpackers budget.

Avoid the tourist traps!

In any destination, there are infamous tourist traps. Stunning harbourside restaurants, beach cafes and resort restaurants are the most common locations for inflating their prices. It’s tempting not to fall for their allure, but with the exchange rate not far off a 1:1.1 ratio a classic main meal of grilled meat and chips will cost you roughly the same in sterling as it is euros. Thankfully the cost of drinks to accompany your meal, especially wine, in most popular Mediterranean destinations are still cheaper than the UK. Even so, Budget Your Trip puts an average price of €27pp in Greece for the cost of food in one day is and £28 in the UK.

Is cheap still possible?

Don’t despair. There is still a tasty budget option if you are not too fussy about what or where you eat. Although not the healthiest food to eat, the Greek bakeries offer a wealth of tempting morning pastries at rock bottom prices. Many also offer freshly squeezed orange juice and a decent coffee, including the delicious freddo or frappe versions, for just a euro. Lunch and evening meals can also be easily addressed in the bakeries, with spinach and feta spanakopita or cheese pie available for € 1-2

More midday options are available from most takeaways or bars in the form of Gyros or Souvlaki. Stuffed with rotisserie style chicken, pork or lamb meat, the classic Gyros includes a smattering of the healthy stuff in the form of onions, tomato, lettuce and tzatziki. All rolled into a tasty pita. Some combinations even include french fries. Prices are cheap, ranging from € 1.70 – 3.50. The classic Greek Salad, although healthier, aren’t such a bargain food in Greece. They range from €6 – 9 and the classic usually cheap Pizza ranges from € 8 – 10. In the evenings make the most of the happy hour offers on beer and avoid the costly spirits & mixer combinations which can easily catch you out.


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