TRAVEL BLOG 07/07/2018

Love them or hate them, sometimes an airport hotel is something to be thankful for.

Looking more like a DIY store than somewhere to sleep, these unattractive edifices have their place in the hierarchy of accommodation providers. The often ugly newness of airport hotels does have its advantages though. Effective double or triple glazing, soundproof rooms, lift access, functional layouts, silent efficient plumbing and spacious rooms are just some of the benefits of these bespoke buildings.

Designed for their functionality rather than aesthetic appeal airport hotels don’t pretend to be something they are not. What you book is what you get. However, convenience comes at a price and something more salubrious and attractive can often be found closer to town for the same price if not cheaper.

Personal experience

A frequent business traveller, I have grown to appreciate the existence of airport hotels. Their locations are never glamorous. But as a solo female arriving on a late flight, or leaving as dawn breaks, I don’t really care. A brisk stroll or free shuttle bus is perfect and avoids the complications of unfamiliar further travel.


These are numerous, but it really depends on your reason for travel. For business reasons, airport hotels are a fantastic solution.
24hr check-in, Early buffet breakfasts, Soundproofing, Good plumbing, Ease of access – free shuttle services or a quick easy walk, Easy to book, Large rooms, Understanding staff, Good transport links


There are a few cons, aesthetics are the main reason not to stay. Airport hotels aren’t great for holiday travellers unless you are flight hopping. They are often out of town and far from the major sites. They certainly aren’t an option for a romantic weekend either.
Price, Uninspiring locations, Functional unattractive give rooms, Blandness, Part of a chainlack of individuality

Both as bad as each other?

Restaurants – apart from breakfast I try and avoid them in hotels, particularly in the proximity of the airport. I haven’t had a good evening meal in any yet and I have stayed in a quite a few.

Parking – they commonly charge you for any length of stay. Although deals can be found leave your car while you fly to a different destination.

WiFi – limited access, often charged and often poor. There really is no excuse for bad broadband speeds in this superfast age, especially as most are within a stone’s throw of the airport which itself has good communication networks.

Staff – some good some bad, although more pride in their place of work seems to go hand in hand with the boutique hotels rather than the airport hotel chains.

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