At last, we have a date for our gallery opening. Well, actually, we have three dates. You could say that we are doing things on a grand scale, but in all honesty, the space is quite small, so it fills quite quickly. And it would be nice to dedicate some time to chat with everyone who has made an effort to visit on what could be another wet and windy night, rather than the brief hello you manage at a wedding.

With the date in the diary and mayor now invited, the behind the scene machine has now started. All three invitations are ready to be sent. Flyers detailing our forthcoming events will soon grace the cork boards and windows of various key establishments, and leaflets detailing our future exhibitions designed are on the verge of being dispatched to the printers.

We are very heartened and excited to announce that our exhibition calendar for 2020 is now full. Our studio residents will be kicking off the opening with an exhibition of their work.  

Derek Hayes is an award-winning animator, currently teaching at Falmouth University, and an artist who likes to wrestle with the lessons of the great masters of art. Inspired as much by the Renaissance as by Picasso he would love to settle on one technique, but inevitably is drawn to any and all ways of saying something about the clash of ancient ideas and the modern world. 

Lee Kellgren is an artist printmaker specializing in etchings from copper plate and photogravure. After many years as a member of Spike Print Studio in Bristol, she has now moved into one of our Terrace Studios.

Dave Pentin is an artist and web developer who loves to get his hands dirty with pencils, paint and inks in his spare time. A design graduate of Falmouth School of Art, Dave picked up his pens and paintbrushes once again after a twenty-year gap while running art courses in the French Alps. Now permanently back in the Cornish landscape he is enjoying experimenting with gum arabic and acrylic inks, and running workshops to share this fascinating layering technique. 

Others talented artists joining the list of exhibitors for 2020 are Ella CartyLinda MatthewsJon WhiteAdrian HolmesNicola MoseleyCorinne DetainAndrew Barrowman and Ashley Hanson.

If you would like to join us to celebrate the official beginning of the journey, please drop in on the 27th February for the launch of our first exhibition, 28th for our grand opening or the 29th for a once in four-year family and friends get together to finish all the leftovers

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