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My heartfelt thanks goes to…

Why am I practicing my Oscar acceptance speech on a cold wet April day?

Well after only reaching quarter finalist status in January, my Alpine based TV Pilot Drama – Out of the blue – is now a WINNING script, thanks to the incredible readers and judges of the Berlin Screenwriting Awards.

I try to write at least one script a year be it a TV pilot or feature and the idea for this script first emerged in June last year. I hoping it will go on to reach bigger and better heights as it has been entered into another two important festivals whose closing dates are fast approaching, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

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A finalist…

Following on from the great feedback from the Rocliffe award, I tidied up my latest TV Pilot script  – Out of the Blue  – and entered it for a few more competitions. And I’ve just heard that my hard work has been recognised and I’ve been endowed with a finalist laurel from the Cambridge Script Festival.

This award probably means more to me than most as I was raised and educated in Cambridge, so it’s great to receive a nod of encouragement from those with the power to elevate your career… woohoo!!!

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The colourful worlds of Hew Locke & Krijn de Koning

I have attended two thought-provoking but very different sculptural based lectures at Falmouth School of Art this month.

Hew Locke was giving his last lecture as his post as Visiting Professor and Krijn de Koning was doing a favour for a former colleague.

Both showed a mix of very different, older, recent, large and smaller projects. They also discussed their research and creation of their pieces in response to the environment. In Locke’s case, his influences are very political and culturally based.  The site-specific work Krijn de Koning is more present day than historical. He analyses and tries to understand a particular existing situation, seeking the possibilities within the space and letting his thoughts emerge from it. However, the connections he makes in the in situ are similar to those Locke makes within his historical research.

Both have had the opportunity to exhibit in open spaces and churches.
But their work although equally as colourfull is strikingly different which for me was a significant reminder of the beauty of individuality in the fantastic world of art.

Full blogs for both feature as journal entries on my art blogging page

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