Can you remember when you last walked into a room, and you gasped with delight? Was it the sense of space, the homely atmosphere or merely the excellent attention to detail?

As an owner, that feeling of euphoria is like gold. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen by magic and giving your property the WOW factor takes imagination and skill. An interior designer is a worthwhile investment to achieve the best results. But if you have a good eye for design following some savvy decorating tips, can improve the look and feel of your property for a fraction of the price.

Create a sense of space

Flow is essential in any home, but more so in a holiday home as your guests may be more active. Cramming the communal areas with too much furniture, especially if it is an open plan living arrangement, is a common error. So be mindful of how much seating you need. And embrace the thoroughfares, which are essential negative spaces, as these can be invigorated with rugs, lighting and accessories on the walls.

Top space-enhancing concepts:

  • In open plan living areas bring sofas and armchairs into a cluster to create a cosy, stylish sitting zone.
  • Identify areas clearly within a property with different colours, textures and patterns.
  • Mirrors add another dimension to a room and make a small space feel larger.

Light it up

Lighting sets the mood and ambience of a room. Too little and the place will seem gloomy and depressing. Too much, and it will feel sterile and unwelcoming. If you are going to invest a lot of time and money creating a consistent interior style, lighting is an essential element to get right. When natural light is weak, use cleverly positioned mirrors within a room to highlight the colours, textures and patterns. When an interior space is too bright, soften the area with textural curtains or blinds.

Top lighting tips:

  • Illuminate dark corners with larger lamps. 
  • Areas such as kitchens, desks or bedside tables should have adequate task lighting specifically designed for their purposes.
  • Draw attention to architectural features like rustic walls, sculptures or fireplaces with special accented lighting.

Add a splash of colour

Colour sets the tone and mood of a property just as much as the lighting. So it’s worth researching the psychology of colour. However, bear in mind that not all the design tips for using colour will suit your property. For instance, in chalet interior design, where wood tones tend to dominate the palette, red may not be the best choice for a dining room. Green may not be ideal for a small bedroom and be careful with yellow curtains against wooden walls.

Top colour tips:

  • Choose a basic palette that suits the location and heritage of your property, and add some contrast with tertiary or complementary colours. 
  • Follow the 70/30% rule and spice up a traditional scheme by adding a bold splash of colour.
  • Don’t be scared of a bit of pattern, and wallpaper can make a big statement in an unexpected place.

Feel the softness

Fabrics are perfect for adding interest, texture and colour to a room. They can be employed to create character and style by either complementing or contrasting, depending on the feel you want to achieve. A classic interior design styling tip for integrating soft texture within a bedroom is the use of cushions and bedspreads. And rugs are ideal for adding depth and warmth in a living space. The overall number one interior design tip for creating harmony within a room is accessory repetition. And three is always the magic number.

Top soft furnishing tips:

  • Area rugs break up the monotony wooden or tiled floors with texture and colours
  • Create a unique style with contrasting fabrics and patterns.
  • Add softness to a room with decadent fabrics and pale tones.

The devil is in the detail

Above all, remember there is no point creating unity of colour, texture and pattern if the windows are dirty or curtains are unevenly hung. As experts in the field, our team at OVO Network know what makes a great holiday rental and can help advise new owners on how to achieve the WOW factor.

Top tips from  OVO Network:

  • Don’t settle for less. A good cleaner is worth their weight in gold!
  • Stay on top of the maintenance. No one likes shabby furniture or broken appliances.
  • Make sure you invest in good quality photography to highlight the individuality of your property.
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