“We make a  living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill …

Just as the lockdown ends, we are at last allowed to embrace the season of giving. Thankfully most of us have turned our back on the big commercial giants this year in favour of supporting our local shops and suppliers.

The painful struggle that many small shopkeepers have had to endure after four months of closure as a non-essential shop has left them teetering on the ridge of survival. So everything we can do to keep our high streets alive is now more critical than ever. Behind the scenes, we also need to give a boost to the suppliers, as without them there will be no outlets to visit and browse

With this in mind, the gallery has stepped up to help out and give back this December. This month we have been working with The Writers Collective to bring a pop-up bookstore to the gallery to support all of our fantastic local authors. The current fabulous range of fiction, romance, thriller, fantasy, walking guides, art and children’s books are also available online with FREE delivery for orders over £20.

The authors currently gracing our shelves are:

Jane Cable, Author, Sue Kittow, Angie Butler, Gilly Ridges, Kim Sancreed, Jo Jakeman, Scott Jones, Michelle Cassar, Jo Grande, Juilet-Russell-Roberts, Victoria Osbourne-Broad, J Hockin, Laura Menzies, Tracey Dockree and the collaborative writers in the Cornwall: Misfits & Legends short story collection (Emily Ould, Philip Rollason, Caroline Palme, Anita Hunt, David Allkins, Angle Fitt, Stephen Baird, Froshie Evans, Ulrike Duran, Claudia Loveland, Pen King, John Evident, Angela Evron, Joshua Copus – Oxland, and Rachel Fitch)

And as a special reward to everyone’s who has decided to #shoplocal we have been giving away a ‘Secret Santa’ gift in every bag that has left the shop. The collection of small gifts and hand-printed, limited edition cards by Dave Pentin artist have delighted all our customers since reopening on Dec 2nd and has filled our hearts, as after all, ‘the key to living is giving’.

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