One of the lovely aspects of opening the gallery has been all the heartfelt support we have received from other artists and makers in the area. It has made us realise how lucky we are to be a part of an amazing creative community and how integral it is to our nature.

Fifteen years ago, we escaped our nine-to-five existence to live in the Alps. The area was a playground for sports enthusiasts, a paradise for nature buffs and rich in heritage for culture lovers. But artistically it was a vacuum. We started to paint and sketch again during the art courses we ran in the offseason, but we soon realised it wasn’t enough. 

Five years ago we moved back to Falmouth. We couldn’t get enough of the creative events and gorged ourselves on talks, private views and visits to artists studios. We were like travellers emerging from a desert, thirsty for knowledge and inspiration. And it made us realise how intrinsic creativity is to our lives. 

We met Sinead at our first outing to Krowji, a cornucopia of over eighty talented artisans and artists housed in a converted grammar school in Redruth. Like us, Sinead had only just made the switch to turn a creative need into a full-time practice. Her silver work is exceptional, and we were delighted when she agreed to stock the gallery with some commissioned bracelets and accompanying earrings.

A chance meeting with Amelia, at a photoshoot in Falmouth, was our introduction to our second talented jewellery stockist. Her lifelong passion and respect for the beauty and wildness of the ocean inspire her collections. And close to our hearts, Amelia donates 5% of all her profits to marine conservation projects in the UK. Her fabulous pieces now grace our window display in the gallery alongside the complimentary glass tones of the vases, jars and candle holders supplied by Snowbunting and Mizzle & Haze.

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