With our second exhibition and new sample artwork to display, came a change of stock to our window display. Luckily back in February when all the retail goodies arrived, we were already familiar with the pieces going into our first two exhibitions.

Our first – an eclectic exhibition of our three resident artists – perfectly complemented the subtle blue and green Scandinavian tones of the Snowbunting and Mizzle & Haze stock for our first window display. Illuminated by the wacky mojito ball light string, the gorgeous patterned glassware grabbed everyone’s attention at night and subsequently sold well.

Our second exhibition was a little easier to complement. Ella gave us the perfect premise of the beach to work with. The contrasting tones of black ink, off-white paper and brown walnut frames gave us a great palette as inspiration. Amongst the stock, we had sidelined to accompany Ella Carty’s dynamic, responsive brush strokes were some fabulously earthy natural colours accented with gold and bronze hues.

The rawness and practicality of utilitarian concrete planters with both rough and smooth textures (£6-8), balance perfectly against the handcrafting of a rich black and clay coloured rug (£65). The stone encased amber and smoke candles with flashes of gold (£15) work well amongst the local scattered beach stones. A pale shallow wooden platter (£20), contrasts ideally with the practical yet attractive gin boards (£15), giving the display more natural tones which are enhanced by the bespoke driftwood lighting. The delicate, simple designs of Yemaya’s earrings (£22) and fluke necklace (£29) sit comfortably amongst the piles of local shells on the shelves. As do the geometric black-framed outdoor tealight holders (£ 7) and geometrically patterned milk carton jugs (£15).

We have had quite a few compliments on the new display, and it is lovely to have our work appreciated. However, its success isn’t pure coincidence. Some brief experience as a window dresser, numerous craft market stalls and a good eye for colour and style have all led to this point. But most of all, the quality and beauty of the contents are the main contributors to its popularity. So thank you, Ella, Mel and Bex for allowing us the opportunity to showcase your beautiful pieces.

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