Having travelled extensively and worked in the leisure industry for many years, I have developed a passion for exploring new landscapes and cities, so my ongoing blogging assignment from Viridian, travel consultants and other online travel outlets are a perfect match for my enthusiasm for adventure. . .


Travel tips and observations  for holidaymakers
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“Sam is a talented and versatile writer who understands the principles of internet marketing and search engine optimisation. Her writing style is engaging and informative; the articles she writes for us are often based on her own extensive travel experiences which gives them an interesting and relatable perspective, and she is equally adept at forming her own topics or creating content based on a predefined plan. Sam is easy to work with and completely comfortable with working autonomously, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to others.” DAN MORLEY

Journal Entries

TRAVEL BLOG 31/12/2018 With Brexit looming in the New Year, it is surprising that some airlines have announced new destinations on their 2019 schedules from UK and Irish airports. Taking on the challenge By exploiting the unique 21-month transition window, which follows the deadline in March, Ryanair has seized the opportunity to increase its business […]

TRAVELBLOG 10/12/2018 The notion of using an assistant to plan travel itineraries, hotels, flights, car hire, even currency exchange, has been around for decades. It’s such a popular solution that a few of the big travel brand outlets still exist on the high street. However, I recently discovered at the London WTM conference that new advances […]

TRAVEL BLOG 26/11/2018 How to spend your holiday money responsibly was high on the agenda at a World Travel conference in London recently. Responsible Tourism was the buzzword coming from many of the stands. And it was evident that holiday companies realise it is now a priority for some of their customers. Unique locations We […]

TRAVEL BLOG 12/11/2018 CROATIA PART 6   Sadly after a month of fantastic sunshine, wonderfully generous people and great food, it was time to go home. I felt so at ease on the Dalmatian coast that I didn’t want to go, despite having adventures ahead of me in Majorca. As I approached the acres of […]

TRAVEL BLOG 12/11/2018 Airport currency exchange facilities in departure lounges are the perfect emergency service for holiday procrastinators. But with 24hr internet access, is there any excuse for wasting your hard earned money by leaving currency exchange until the last minute? Too busy? Procrastination is something most of us have dealt with at one time […]

TRAVEL BLOG 05/11/2018 CROATIA PART 5   If you want a super chilled holiday – as in virtually horizontal, just lazing and swimming – then Jakuirisa, near Brela is the destination for you. Located between Omis and Makarska, Brela is the closest village to Jakuirisa. You need a car to reach both hamlets as access is via […]

TRAVEL BLOG 29/10/2018 CROATIA PART 4   Makarska resembles a mini Split, all golden stone and port side elegance, but on a smaller scale. With two excellent beaches within walking distance of the main town, it’s a perfect destination to slow the pace of life down and put the sightseeing aside for a while.  Makarska […]

TRAVEL BLOG 22/10/2018 I recently walked miles through what could have easily been mistaken for a shopping mall to reach my boarding gate.  Boutiques lined my route through Rome’s Fiumicino airport, but not just the standard airport duty-free outlets. Instead, high-end emporiums such as Gucci and Hermes, interspersed with high street brands United Colors of […]

TRAVEL BLOG 22/10/2018 CROATIA – PART 3 After a few days in the city, my travels took me down the Dalmatian coast, for further adventures south of Split. The road infrastructure was good. Sensible speeds and considerate drivers made cruising easy and unusually pleasurable for a foreign country. After nearly an hour of being dazzled […]

TRAVEL BLOG 15/10/2018 CROATIA PART 2   Eating out in Split is easy. There are a fantastic variety of restaurants and cafes within a tiny area, so you can’t go far wrong. I sampled a few that definitely deserve a mention. After dropping off some of our group at the airport. A friend and I decided […]

TRAVEL BLOG 10/010/2018 CROATIA – PART 1 You can’t help getting excited about a destination when after a couple of hours, the wing of your plane dips and you plummet towards a stunning coastline guarded by towering limestone cliffs.  A manoeuvre which also provides you with the most tantalising glimpse of fantasy like islands dotted amongst […]

TRAVEL BLOG 08/10/2018 A road trip is the ultimate way to explore the bewildering beauty of any country. However, after toll charges and rental car fees, petrol costs can be one of the biggest holiday expenses. No one wants to pay more than they have to.  So being aware of the fuel prices before you […]

TRAVEL BLOG 17/09/2018 Risking life and limb on foreign high-speed toll roads isn’t the best way to start a relaxing well-earned holiday. It is also an expensive way to burn through your hard-earned budget. In an ideal world, reaching your perfect destination would involve a combination of leisurely meandering, combined with regular stops to admire stunning country or […]

TRAVEL BLOG 03/09/2018 As a British national, I’ve got used to the ease of travelling in Europe and the simple exchange rate conversion it brings with it. I’ve happily adopted the one currency that now fits a range of countries, as it makes crossing multiple borders so simple. Perhaps it is this ease of conversion […]

TRAVEL BOG 21/08/2018 Have you ever been tempted by an airline scratch card? It’s difficult not to be when you are held confined, bored and restless on a plane for at least an hour. The airlines are fully aware of this too. The sales techniques they employ to hawk their branded scratch cards are very […]

TRAVEL BLOG 06/08/2018 A hotel based inclusive deal can make as much financial sense as a self-catered holiday. So how can you choose between them? For some travellers, there is an obvious choice. Total immersion in hotel life with wall to wall service is the ideal holiday. That touch of luxury that is missing from […]

TRAVEL BLOG 23/07/2018 Unfortunately, the days of eating out at dirt cheap prices in Greece, seem to have vanished. On a recent trip to some popular island resorts I was shocked to discover that on a direct comparison of restaurant prices, the margins between eating out in the UK and Greece are thinner than ever. However, […]

TRAVEL BLOG 07/07/2018 Love them or hate them, sometimes an airport hotel is something to be thankful for. Looking more like a DIY store than somewhere to sleep, these unattractive edifices have their place in the hierarchy of accommodation providers. The often ugly newness of airport hotels does have its advantages though. Effective double or […]

TRAVEL BLOG 25/06/2018 Why has there has there been a significant rise in Brits escaping to holiday abroad? When the weather is good, the UK is a green and pleasant land, which offers holidaymakers diverse landscapes, intriguing towns and stunning coastal opportunities. Steeped in history there are a million and one narratives to discover and […]

TRAVEL BLOG 14/06/2018 As a midsummer dream is played out on Russia’s football fields, echoes of Shakespeare’s themes of undying love are evident elsewhere in Moscow’s iron heart. On Luzhkov Bridge, love-lock fever has spread. Rows of dedicated trees, laden with thousands of padlocks also adorn the surrounding banks of the Moscow River. This rash of public […]