Fascinated by the technique of scriptwriting as a form of professional writing, my final MA project Seasons took the form of a High-end TV comedy-drama series bible and pilot script.
Mile High a short film script which tackles the lack of privacy in today’s social media-obsessed society followed on not long after graduation. And Sketches, my latest short film scriptwriting project in development, offers a visual snapshot into the complex lives of a group of artists who gather together annually to paint in Cornwall.


SEASONS – 6 x 30 min, HE TV DRAMA miniseries

A visually rich light-hearted comedy-drama which follows the life of a typical English family with a love of outdoor life, who they leave their problems behind to make a fresh start in the French Alps.

This drama which flits from one family disaster to another combining the comic shock of clashing cultural values similar to Chalet Girl and stunning alpine scenery of  Force Majeure with family displacement into a different country of 800 Words.

A fictionalised adaptation of my own experience as a chalet host in France, the series introduces the Jones family emerged in drama as they cope with their first season running their dream ski chalet in the French Alps.
Lost guests, avalanches, broken legs, crazy hen weekends and a gambling corporate group provide a comic element to the lives of the Jones family as they settle into life in the Mountains of France and all the challenges it brings.

If you would like to discover the research behind the story planning for Seasons, please take a look my journal…..


mile high – 20 MIN SHORT FILM

A thirty-something account manager faces discrimination, loses her job and is forced to rebuild her life when wrongly implicated in a social media sex scandal.

Mile High throws a light on the disparity between the sexes in the workplace and highlights the lack of social media privacy and freedom.

This short film introduces a relaxed carefree Jones family and friends on a ski holiday. However, when the husband (Ben) and wife (Serena) return to suburbia their lives are turned upside down by a social media posting of Ben’s sexual encounter with a friend’s university-aged daughter in a ski lift.

Serena is presumed to be the woman in the video. As a result, she faces unwanted, intrusive attention from her colleagues and is pushed to the limit when propositioned in a lift by a colleague. When she lashes out she faces disciplinary action and her counter file of sexual harassment ends her career.

Adversely husband Ben is seen as ‘the man’ when the video circulates his workplace and is welcomed into the inner sanctum of the ‘dudes’.

When Lydia, the ‘other’ woman in the video, and the daughter of a close friend threatens to identify herself, the couple’s social life is blown apart and their failing marriage exposed. Her only option is to escape.

Mile High highlights the lack of privacy and freedom in the new era of social media and throws light on the disparity between the sexes in the workplace that has been dominating the media headlines.


Journal Entries

SEASONS New to the game I have only dabbled briefly with scriptwriting in the past when adapted the first few chapters of my unpublished novel for a university project. My second project in this genre of writing was far more adventurous and time-consuming. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do. An […]

SEASONS I never need an excuse to sit down and binge watch TV, but researching with a critical eye to evaluate the craft behind the characters, structure, and plots meant I really needed to pay attention. The obvious place to start was with some of the most relevant more famous sitcoms such as Fawlty Towers, […]

SEASONS All the investigation into TV series prompted me to throw myself into the library and Scriptmag, Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting (by Syd Field) and Writing Long-running Television Series: v. 1  (by Julian Friedmann) to identify the real differences between TV series and sitcoms. The boundaries are definitely greying, but the overall differences are that […]

SEASONS Some of the situations our family faced in the Alps were almost too ridiculous, despite being real and this is often a problem with adapting material from true life. As highlighted in Writing Scripts for Television, Radio, and Film (by Edgar E Willis and Camille D’Arienzo), there is a fine line between the boring, […]

SEASONS It’s not all about the plot though. Characters can make or break a TV series. They need to be complex and how they react to situations will not only determine their values but reveal who they really are. The audience can love them or hate them, but they need to feel a connection. Character […]