Will Travel is a gentle thriller.

At the reading of William’s wife’s will, he is shocked to receive a secret journal which holds the details of her life before they met. Accompanying this journal is a legacy and a dying request from his wife Jean.

Following the reading, the question on the family’s lips is… will William fulfill her wishes? The bigger question on his daughter’s lips, who helped her mother finish the journal on her death bed is… will he uncover the real truth?

When her father starts to explore the contents of the journal and fulfill his wife’s wishes, a chance meeting with a confident, bossy expat gives his daughter Jessica the push she needs to confide her fears and delve deeper into her mother’s affairs. With the help of her new found friend, she starts to explore the events which surrounded her mother’s departure from Canada.

Will Travel delicately slips between two eras, regularly telling Jean’s intriguing story set in the late sixties alongside William’s own experiences. As he retraces her life, his daughter Jessica begins to uncover a disturbing string of events, which she cannot let her father discover.