TRAVEL BLOG 12/11/2018


Sadly after a month of fantastic sunshine, wonderfully generous people and great food, it was time to go home. I felt so at ease on the Dalmatian coast that I didn’t want to go, despite having adventures ahead of me in Majorca.

As I approached the acres of olives groves that surround Split airport, I was reminded once again of how rapidly Croatia is transforming. I know it won’t be the same when I return either. A hive of industry and a mass of steel is currently converting the airport building into a modern transport hub. This progression is an appropriate metaphor for a theme I encountered on most on my trip – a change is coming!

For now, Croatia is at the perfect point in time when tourism is being effectively accommodated without swamping the economy and ruining the uniqueness of the country. At the moment it is only the cruise ships that disrupt the ordinary every day, inundating some of the main attractions. The key is not to be part of the crowd and venture out on your own as I did. Only then will you be rewarded by the real beauty and charm of this very green and pleasant land.


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