ART BLOG – FRIDAY 20/04/2018

Part of a mini-festival exploring ideas and how they are developed on how, this small exhibition of Bill Mitchell’s Boxes and Collage Books was truly inspiring.

To introduce his work, Sue Hill, artist, theatre-maker, cultural animateur and also Bill Mitchell’s partner in life and work, gave a beautifully moving talk. Amongst a group of admirer and colleagues, I was given a unique insight into how Bill collected and collated the extraordinary contents of his attic. His collections were gathered as physical inspiration for his work and Sue now hopes they can do the same for other artists and writers.

Some of these bizarre and unique objects collected for their obscure ordinariness can be seen in a small two-roomed exhibition at Cornwall College. Unfortunately, the cramped space did not do justice to the inherent artistic quality of the collection. Bill was an artist in every sense and his work really deserves to be shown in a larger more befitting space where his ingenuity and creativity can truly be highlighted.

A designer and theatre-maker Bill Mitchell, who sadly died last year, was one of the greats of landscape theatre in the UK. His groundbreaking work with Kneehigh and Wildworks brought a visual artist’s sensibility to the theatre. His outstandingly creative Wolf’s Child, which was performed in the woods at Trelowarren Estate in Cornwall last July was, unfortunately, his last masterpiece.



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