In November 2016 an email dropped into my University inbox detailing an incredible opportunity for the students of The School of Writing and Journalism.

The email was a call for students to become involved in a live brief which would align with the growth of the National Trust’s own publication list and support the South West Outdoor Festival in September 2017. It outlined a landmark project, supported by Katie Bond, Head of NT Publishing and involved one of the hottest new authors, Wyl Menmuir.

Never one to shy away from a challenge I promptly put myself forward and was lucky enough to be selected and at the beginning February, I met with my fellow student team members.With two experienced members of Falmouth University staff to guide us, Katie Bond and Pat Kinsella, director of the festival, briefed us on the task at hand. 

With a generous budget supplied by the University, the reputation of the National Trust, a renowned author and an up and coming illustrator on the line, there was a lot was at stake and we soon realised that this was not a game. A chink in the process at any point could mean the difference between success and failure, so like in any business, the team needed to work effectively and efficiently together towards a mutual goal.

Charged with project managing the team, I launched myself into organising all aspects of the publishing process from initial concept to production and event management for the exclusive launch of In Dark Places at Cheddar Gorge.

So far the project has been a great success and we have reached the end of the editorial and post-production process. The first test print will be rolling off the press at the beginning of June and publicity for In Dark Places has begun, kicking our marketing strategy into action.

First copies of the deliciously written and illustrated In Dark Places will be exclusively available for purchase at the South West Outdoor Festival, in Cheddar Gorge in September 2017, after which is will be available throughout the country in all National Trust bookshops.