Hospital Hill is the biography of a remarkable Englishwoman, based on a collection of her unpublished notes written over six-years in an extraordinary period in Kenya’s history.

In 1958 Molly Maud Holmes was invited to take up the position of headmistress at the first multi-racial primary school in Kenya. 

At this time Kenya was still a British colony but the country was hurtling towards independence following the Mau Mau uprising.

As a part of a landmark educational experiment, unofficially sponsored by the colonial government Molly Maud was set the seemingly impossible task of tutoring a group of mixed-race children to the same standard of education as the European schools. This radical notion was the first step on the ladder to fully integrated schooling in Kenya.

You can follow the evolution of this biography and the story of Molly Maud as it unfolds through my journal…

Journal Entries

There has always been a certain mystery within my husband’s family surrounding his grandmother who was absent for most of both his own and his father’s life. Little is known of her life and only hearsay exists of her birth, upbringing, and migration to Africa. Much of the true details died with her. All except […]
Hospital Hill journal – introduction Added 21/04/2017

I had an idea of what I would like to write from Molly Maud’s notes, but was there a place for it in the market? Could it compete with some of the titles already out there? Autobiography, biography and memoir although often bundled in the same category have obvious differences. Further definition of the elements […]
Hospital Hill – visibility in the market Added 21/04/2017

With insight into the colonial hierarchy in Kenya from both the academic volumes and the biographies of Blixen and Erroll I was had many more questions which Molly Maud’s notes did not answer. Further investigation on the internet lead me to the discovery in the British Library of The founder’s book – A school in […]
Hospital Hill – the truth Added 21/04/2017

I now had a pile of research work to filter but needed a structure to organise it. I turned to Telling true stories: a nonfiction writers’ guide from the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University (edited by Mark Kramer and Wendy Call) to gain some insight to telling the truth in a nonfiction format. I had […]
Hospital Hill – compilation and creation Added 21/04/2017