33 words

Creative scribbling from interesting places

Still in development, this unique project made a leap from idea to realisation with a digital footprint as a response to a university brief.

33 words is a web app which provides an ingenious method of sharing a location with a 3mx3m space anywhere in the world by creating a 33 word scribble.


What is a 33 word scribble?
A 33 word scribble is a short piece of creative writing of no more than 33 words using a unique 3 word address, supplied by the what3words API.

How does 33 words work?
The unique what3words software delivers the most accurate method of identifying a location. It is far more effective than a postal address and is much easier to remember than a set of coordinates.

Thewhat3words universal addressing system is based on a 3mx3m global grid. There are 57 trillion of them and each 3mx3m square has been pre-allocated a fixed and unique 3-word address. 

33 words uses the what3words API to tap into the user’s location and provide them with 3 unique words. It then invites the user to create a piece of writing, of no more than 33 words in length. This is called a scribble. The scribble can have meaning, tell a story or make a statement. Its content is up to the user. The only rule is that it incorporates the 3 unique words the app has provided in the order they appear.

This project still in its infancy of initial design and concept realisation is scheduled for further development soon.

You can create your own 33 word scribble @ 33words.co.uk
………don’t forget to tell your friends all about it too, so we can build a community of scribblers!